Thursday, 7 August 2008


We decided to go somewhere new today for a walk and headed for the tiny village of Telscombe. Zebedee is four months old today, and he had a little hard time in Telscombe, to be honest. Here he is looking scared, the poor thing:

And what was he looking at? This incredibly scary scene:

He is still very scared of horses. Even little ponies like this. Must find a way to socialise him with horses soon. And cows. He's find with sheep now, but nothing bigger than that.

There are lots of horses and sheep in Telscombe. Probably more horses than people.

There are only a few houses, apart from a farm or two, but the houses that are there are quite pretty.

I've been through Telscombe a few times before, but never realised that there is a church there, too! So it really is a village, not a hamlet, even though it is such a small place.

And yes, don't laugh - I found a new kind of flower again. Or perhaps just a new colour of a flower I've seen before. I've never been such a girl before in my life... never used to pay attention to flowers much; not until I started photography as a hobby.

Other plants can be as beautiful in my opinion.

The scene just outside of Telscombe.

Oh, almost forgot: last night we had a fearsome thunder storm with hail! I have French doors into the garden and the hail was pounding on the glass making a hell of a racket. Zebedee got scared so I followed him upstairs and played with him and gave him treats so that he'd associate good things with the loud noise, and pay less attention to the storm and the noise in general. Here are a couple of photos that I took with my pocket camera. Really bad quality photos, but then again I wasn't going to go out with my camera: some of the hail were as big as cherry tomatoes, and they weren't gently floating down from the sky, either!

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Geminai said...

Man, you have some beautiful places to go for walks! What an awesome life you have. :)