Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Switzerland Day 5

Nothing much to report today. Rained all day. Picked up Miles from work and drove 187 km to Bubendorf to meet my friend Fränzi. Due to the weather didn't see much in the way of scenery, so we amused ourselves by laughing at some of the place names we came across along the way. Gland was a place near Lausanne in the French speaking part of Switzerland, and here's our candidate for the best place name in the German speaking part:

(photo taken by Miles while I was driving)

Fränzi was my best fellow exchange student friend during my year in Japan in 1987-88. We used to have a good laugh together (not uncommonly making good-natured fun of the Japanese) and we shared our frustrations with Japan and its culture, as well as our love of it. We have remained good friends ever since, even though we don't meet or even keep in touch that often. Here I'm with Fränzi and her husband Urs, making a standard Japanese "Cheezu!" pose (after reminiscing our exchange student year in Japan).

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Geminai said...

So fun and you look awesome! The way you talk, I'd figure you've been packing on the pounds, but you look great, Kati.