Thursday, 14 August 2008

Back on the cliff edge

Well, we finally got home in Brighton at about 3 AM this morning. The long wait and journey included a wailing toddler in the seats behind us on the aeroplane. What a night. It took a lot of mind bending to get through it. Actually, I'd bent my mind so well to accept that it's going to be hell and it's going to last forever, that when we finally got home, I couldn't quite believe that it was all over.

I had a revelation today. We went for a walk on Castle Hill with Zebedee (who had grown a lot during last week!) and I just loved feeling the sea breeze on my face, being with Z again, seeing the sea, the cliffs... and I thought "Switzerland was fantastic, but home is pretty damned good, too!"

And the revelation was that I'd never felt like that before in my life; never before been on a holiday, had a great time, and come back home thinking it's fantastic to be back! Then I realised that I have lived in big towns and cities most of my life, places that don't have that much going in the way of beautiful scenery. Hmmm, I did love living in London, the impressive buildings, the buzz, all the things that one could do there, but then again I was working in a corporate environment back then - not exactly something I really really looked forward getting back to from a holiday!

But now it's good to be back - good to be back on the cliff edge! (Especially with little Zebedee!!)

(And if you think I'm only saying this because I have got old and boring, have a look at this and this.)

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Geminai said...

Nope, I'd say you're saying it because you're finally happy with your life. What a great thing to see. :)