Sunday, 24 August 2008

Ditchling Beacon

Very foggy and very drizzly day - "perfect" for a walk in the countryside...

This is a terrible snap of Zebedee, but I'm glad I took it because when I looked at this photo on the big monitor at home I realised what I was seeing...

His lower canines are coming through! I've highlighted them in this cropped photo. He's still got his milk canines intact, though, and the adult canines seem to be growing in too much in the middle of the jaw. Hmmm, hope they don't cause any problems.

Below is one of the many (about 300) dew ponds on the South Downs. I didn't know what a dew pond is, but there was a sign explaining it, and it said something similar to what is written on this page:
Dew ponds

When it rains, the water soaks into the chalk. So, dewponds were made on the Downs to collect rain to provide water for cows and sheep. The bottom of the pond is lined with clay which stops the water disappearing into the chalk rock.

Since the invention of plastic piping and water troughs, dew ponds are not often used or looked after. However, where they do exist, they have become a valuable habitat for many creatures, such as great crested newts and dragonflies. Dew ponds are part of the history and way of life of the South Downs. They are easy to find along the South Downs Way National Trail.

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Geminai said...

Ooh, that is interesting, about the dew ponds. Yay on Zeb's teeth .. dunno whether it's a problem or not, though, where they're coming in. It's been waaaay too long since I had a puppy.

Next time you're by one of those dew ponds, jump in and take a few pics of critters with your macro. ;)