Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Poppy and Auntie Sheila

On Castle Hill again... spotted a kestrel hovering near the cliff edge, presumably after a rabbit for dinner?

And here is another fearsome predator: a bunny-stalking puppy. (He is actually motionless in this photo - frozen in a predator pose!)(I must teach him to strike this pose on cue.)

We walked towards Peacehaven, as usual, and when we came back, we saw Sheila and Poppy gazing at the sea by the cliffs. Someone walking in the area had said to Sheila that they'd seen "Poppy's brother", so Sheila guessed it must have been Zebedee and had decided to wait for us to come back so that Poppy and Zeb can play together.

Zebedee is not that much smaller than Poppy any more!

Zeb is going to be looked after by Sheila when we go to Switzerland for a few days.

I have been worrying about leaving Z behind, and wouldn't have even considered it if I didn't know anyone good I could trust him with... but I think he'll do just fine with Sheila.

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