Saturday, 30 August 2008

Last summer's day of 2008?

It was sooo warm, sunny and lovely today! About two weeks ago it felt like summer ended, but we got a glimpse of summer again for a day today. We went for a walk by the cliffs at Birling Gap; walked all the way to Beachy Head, had lunch and walked back.

I didn't take many photos today, but I did get a photo of a little birdy. After consulting the bird book, I think it's a sedge warbler.

And one silly photo.

When we got back to Birling Gap, the whole area was full of parked cars! Part of a nearby field had turned into a car park, as well. We were wondering what was going on, or was that amount of people normal for a sunny Saturday... I spotted a few people wearing t-shirts saying "The Downs in A Day 30th August 2008" so maybe it was some Downs walk finish or whatever. But when we went to have a look at the beach, we saw why so many people had parked their cars at Birling Gap. They were on the beach enjoying the summer day.

I've been wondering for a while whether I could take interesting landscape photos with the Lensbaby. These beach shots are slightly interesting, I think. Click on them to see larger versions.

Yes, it was a long walk for a puppy today, and this is what we all felt like after it. Tired but happy.

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