Friday, 8 August 2008

Switzerland Day 1

We arrived in Geneva around 3 PM, picked up our hire car and drove 236 km to Brienz for the weekend. Arrived in Brienz at about 7 PM and found our weird and wonderful hotel. This is the view we had from our first room (second night was in another room as the hotel was fully booked and double rooms were all gone).

After marvelling the view for a few moments we went downstairs on that terrace and saw storm clouds gathering over Lake Brienz.

But we didn't worry about clouds as - after the long journey from Brighton to Brienz - we had our first Swiss beers! (My first beer in about four months.)

The view from the hotel terrace by the lake is rather lovely. Even with the ominous clouds.

The rest of the evening is probably best left undocumented... suffice it to say that we had some more beer and couple of bottles of wine with our lovely dinner. Sat out the rain in a roofed part of the terrace. Took a lot of silly photos. And had a great time.

Well OK, here's one photo that Miles took. First photo of me in years that didn't make me cringe in pain and shame.


Sanna said...

You look beautiful! That's what Switzerland does to you... oh, how I miss it :-)

Can you imagine, I only just found this blog?! So many great photos... and what a cute puppy!
I'm happy for you; looks like life is treating you well.

Geminai said...

That's a beautiful photo, Kati. And you look happy. :)