Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Edestä, takaa, istuu, makaa

I've posted a lot of photos of Zebedee in this photo diary. Some people say too many, and some people say not enough. I say there will be many more. ;-)

The other day I was taking photos of a friend of mine, just to test out coloured gels for the background light when taking portraits. At the end I thought I'd take a photo or two of Zebedee, but he wasn't in the mood for posing. I had to coax him into the position with a sheet of rawhide (the only thing I had handy at the time), but then he wouldn't let go of the rawhide so that I could take a proper picture. So I took one shot of him anyway. With the rawhide in his mouth. Makes me laugh every time I look at this photo of a "reluctant model".

In Finland, when someone has taken a lot of photos of one single person or an animal, other people looking at those photos get bored and mock them with a rhyming saying (...where xxx is the person/animal they are not as interested in as the photographer was):
xxx edestä
xxx takaa
xxx istuu
xxx makaa

which means:
xxx from the front
xxx from the back
xxx sitting
xxx lying down

So here goes. With recent photos of a 4,5 months old little Z. (Just to hammer it down properly to anyone who is not so keen to see any more puppy photos.)

Zebedee from the front:

Zebedee from behind & Zebedee sitting:

Zebedee lying down:

And hey, I've got some extra ones!

Zebedee from the side:

Zebedee from below: (with Ollie, his puppy school friend)

Zebedee by a flowering plant:

Zebedee looking over a cliff edge on a windy day:

Oh, that reminds me of a couple of great photos Miles has taken of Zebedee. With his permission -
Zebedee looking at the Seven Sisters (on a windy day):

Zebedee biting Ollie's bum:

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Geminai said...

*laugh* Over the cliff edge was my fave! But weren't you panicked?

I will NEVER get sick of seeing pics of Zeb. Never.