Friday, 15 August 2008

The ponds

There are a few little ponds near where we live, and we sometimes go there just to have a tiny tiny walk as a third walk of the day, or a quick walk before going somewhere. There are lots of ducks in the ponds, and I mean really, about 15 ducks for each pond of about 60 square metres.

Much easier to take a photo of a swimming duck than a flying kestrel!

Today there was a cat near the ponds. Looked terribly impressed by (=frightened of) the little puppy! I managed to get a quick snap before it dashed off, even though we were nowhere near it yet, in fact. (Click on the photo to see a bigger version and the intense look in the cat's eyes.)

1 comment:

Geminai said...

*laugh* That cat's face is awesome! haha.