Monday, 11 August 2008

Switzerland Day 4

In the morning I drove Miles to work at EPFL and on the way back stopped to have a look at Lake Geneva.

It happened to be a place called The Pelican Beach.

I drove to Parc aux biches in search of Sauvabelin Tower, but all I found was some birds and pigs.

The pigs were very cute. Reminded me of Zebedee, whom I'm missing a lot.

This photo just had to be taken.

I kept walking around in Sauvabelin Woods back and forth round in circles but still I couldn't find the damned tower. It was a very pleasant walk in the beautiful woods, nevertheless.

After Miles got back from work, we started walking towards Lausanne Old Town.

Graffiti? In Switzerland?! Scandalous!

The day ended with a splendid cheese fondue and plenty of wine. Heaven.

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