Monday, 25 August 2008

Lazy days and Mondays...

I think this photo pretty much sums up what we were up to today.

I love waking up in the same bed with my lover, but I don't mind waking up sharing a bed with a silly puppy, too. ;-) His own bed is on the floor in the background, but he gets up on my bed in the morning and greets me with a waggy tail, playfulness, kisses and lots of yawns. And gooood stretches. Aww, he is the cutest thing in the world, I tell you.

Anyway, teething! As I told you, yesterday I saw that his lower adult canines were coming through, and that he still has his milk canines intact. Well, not anymore! Before I knew it, the left lower canine was gone when I looked at his mouth today, and in the evening, while we were playing tug, Zebedee started behaving oddly as if he was chewing on something, but he had nothing in his mouth so I guessed there was something going on with his teeth. Bless. (I remember how annoying it was when I had a milk tooth that was ALMOST loose but not quite enough.) The right lower canine was so loose it was only hanging on to the gum by a tiny bit and I managed to get it out and put it safe. Now I have two of his milk teeth. I will take a photo of them soon. Even if no one else wanted to see a photo of them!

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Geminai said...

Jeremy's response to this image: "I guess HE likes belly rubs too, huh?"

haha. They're a basic thing in our household. But when we first adopted Britley we had to gently force her onto her back so she would know what one was. She never got much attention at her old home .. just lived outside in a pen, by herself without any toys or anything. *sigh* Anyway ... she now has the drill down pat and will drop for a belly rub pretty much any time a person spends more than 10 seconds petting her. :)