Saturday, 20 September 2008

Sunny Saturday

Was a lovely sunny day today. First thing in the morning we went to have a walk in Stanmer Park with Zebedee. I love the woods there.

I only had my pocket camera with me and it doesn't really do much justice to the atmosphere, but it was such a lovely walk in a beautiful morning sunlight shining through the leaves.

In the afternoon we went to a camera shop to find out whether I can get my damaged Sigma lens fixed or whether I need to buy a new one... (I scratched it on rocks the other day! Stupid stupid me for not having the lens cap on!), as well as visited the dreaded "mall" just because I wanted to buy a plain white plate to take food photos with. Oh, and afterwards, naturally, we had to pop into a pub to regroup and recover from the dreadful experience.

(photo taken by Miles)

In the evening, Miles cooked a rather lovely roasted seabass on a bed of risotto with red wine sauce. Bliss.

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Geminai said...

Wow, no wonder you wanted that white plate, that looks fantastic!!

I'm so happy you're happy. :)