Thursday, 4 September 2008

Attempt at books

I was going to take some photos of books today, but the puppy didn't think I should. To tell you the truth, it's been raining cats AND dogs all day today, and we only did a measly half hour walk this morning, and haven't been out for afternoon walk yet. So I don't blame the puppy, really, for his disapproval. Nor his (successful) attempts to distract me. So anyway, starting with a couple of crappy book shots... and descending into the usual puppy shots...

Oh, you must be thinking - how is that demure-looking puppy supposed to be expressing any kind of opinion about taking photos of books? Well, all the above photos were of a few quiet moments I captured. Here is one action shot of him expressing an opinion:

His adult canines are growing nicely, aren't they?

1 comment:

Geminai said...

*laugh* I LOVE the forlorn "if only I could be outside", wistful stare out the window shot. LOVE it! Y'know .. I think that would be a good stock shot, were you so inclined. It is fraught with emotion (implied or not) :)