Monday, 15 September 2008

Call for playmates

The scenes that I have to put up with while walking the dog...

Zebedee hasn't met any playful dogs in a couple of days, so I called Sheila today to find out what time she is going to walk Poppy, and we agreed to meet up at Castle Hill. Val came out, too, with her two poodles. Great fun was had by all doggies, especially Zebedee by the looks of things, as he was constantly giving Poppy kisses while she patiently let him - until she got fed up with the puppy hovering around her mouth and licking it whenever he could, and went to keep an eye on the rabbits.

Here they all are spoiled by Val and her treats.

When the others left, we went back on top of the hill with Zeb, looked out at the sea and let out a long, happy sigh.

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Geminai said...

These images of the sea just exude peacefulness! Made ME sigh, too. :)