Saturday, 6 September 2008

Colour Out of Space Day 2

Saw/heard a few very good performances today in Colour Out of Space. I didn't have my SLR with me so I only took some snaps with my pocket camera.

The introduction to the festival needs copying here:
Welcome to the third Colour Out of Space. Three days of unstructured, cross platform sound experimentation featuring concrete poetry, re-wired electronics, avant noise, out-jazz, home-built instrumentation, Kabuki free-vocalists and more. Together with some of the most exciting current improvisers around we’re pleased to welcome visionary artists who first emerged from such cultural ferments as New York’s ‘No Wave’ art/music crossover, Japan’s radical ‘70s psychedelic underground and Germany's late '60s experimental vanguard. Be sure to unleash your own improvisatory flair as part of Saturday’s Toy Orchestra.

Sami Pekkola:

First time I've seen the saxophone played like this...

Paul Hession

Graffiti on the way home.

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