Saturday, 13 September 2008

Second visit to Friston Forest

We did a long, two-hour walk in Friston Forest today. It's a lovely forest to walk in, and even more fun when you see the doggie enjoying it so much. The only worry being that he dislocates his tail by wagging it too much!

I took different kind of photos today. What started as a misfire: a second exposure of the same shot while I already started lowering my camera off my face after the shot I thought I was taking (had the camera in 'continuous' mode and pressed a little too hard and too long (ooo arrr), resulting in an unintended second shot)...

..surprised me by being quite interesting, so I took another one like it, only with a slightly longer shutter speed...

...and continued to explore this method...

...and noticed this cool effect:

When you pan the camera diagonally with a wide angle lens, the above is what kind of lines you end up with. Looks impossible to have two "centres of movement" (in two opposite corners of the frame) with only one, straight-line movement of the camera, but there you go! Of course it's the same effect with the horizontally and vertically panned photos, but I only realised it when I looked at the diagonally panned one.

A detail from one of the photos - could stand alone as an abstract, I think. Love this stuff.

Then back to more conventional shots.

There's a pond in the area so I tried to get Zebedee to swim finally, but he wouldn't. He waded in the water after a stick, and for the first time went into water deep enough to reach almost the top of his back, but he wouldn't go further. And I thought springers loved water! Obviously not this one. Not yet, anyway. (Apart from the time he fell into the lake in Piddinghoe while playing with a flat coated retriever!)

On the way back to the car we saw this couple training their huskies to pull a self-made cart on wheels. Just for them to get the exercise they need to be happy huskies. ;-)

View of Cuckmere River.

We decided to go and have dinner at the George Inn in Alfriston. And a fine dinner it was, too! (As always at the George Inn; highly recommended for all foodies!) After the delicious dinner I grabbed a shot of the patio of one of the neighbouring restaurants (Moonrakers).

...and the local church.


Geminai said...

Awesome, Kati, but some of those shots made me dizzy! haha.

Interesting, the people with the huskies .. over here a LOT of people would say they were being cruel! Interesting, isn't it?

Katariina Järvinen said...

Hey Kippy,

Why would they say it's cruel?

I'm interested to know, that's all.