Thursday, 25 September 2008

Castle Hill

This is another love note about the sea. I don't think I can ever get enough of its beauty.

We went to Castle Hill on two occasions today. First thing in the morning I ended up jogging all the way to the top of a hillock near Peacehaven, and back. In the afternoon we only walked half the distance and I didn't jog at all because I had sore hips from the run this morning! (I also jogged to Piddinghoe and back two days ago). But the light was marvellous in the afternoon. I can't get over the fact that the light is so different by the sea every day.

To the west of the fields we met a man and a dog, and while we walked back towards Castle Hill with him, he told me that he does volunteer work at the Newhaven Coastguard a couple of days a week. So he is one of the very friendly men I sometimes see waving at us from the watchtower (you'll see a photo of watchtower at the end of this old post from July).

I love the kind of light that you get when you have dark clouds in the background and evening sun lighting something in front, so I asked Zebedee to pose for me for this photo.

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Geminai said...

Again, just beautiful, and yay for you for running! :)