Sunday, 28 September 2008

Seaford Head to Cuckmere Haven

It was another lovely sunny day today and after racking my brains to try and come up with a new, exciting place where to go for a walk, I decided to go back to Seaford Head and walk towards Cuckmere Haven. Well, actually we ended up walking all the way to Cuckmere Haven as the weather was so pleasant. 2.5 hour walk all in all, including a couple of short breaks for Z to have a little rest. (Not me - honest.)

Starting at Seaford Head, looking back West towards Newhaven (which is only barely visible in the distance):

(I didn't mean to have Z in this photo, but he insisted being in it.)

Getting closer to Seven Sisters.

This kind of photography is relatively boring, but I couldn't resist... Just imagine complete silence apart from a bird song/cry here and there, looking out to sea... Perfectly calm and serene... hmmm, actually now makes me think of the film "Dead Calm".

A four frame stitched panorama of the Seven Sisters. (Click to see it large.)

After having (almost) raided someone's picnic on the beach, Zebedee had a little dip in the sea.

(Raiding people's picnics is becoming Z's regular stunt. I think I need to keep him on the lead wherever there are people having picnics about.)

Isn't he handsome, though. So people keep saying, anyway.

If you saw the film "Atonement" earlier this year - or was it last-, you may remember this scene from it.

Here's a post from the last time we were in the area.

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