Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Still cloudy

Well, they say that it's going to clear up by the weekend, but until then - more clouds... (and not that impressive clouds at that)

Skittish little egret caught flying away in the distance. The river banks are so ugly at low tide that I don't mind that I have only the water as a background.... although would be nice to get a flying shot from the front of the bird! It seems fairly impossible to do when I'm just walking the dog, tohugh, rather than shooting from a hide-out like a proper wild life photographer; these birds are so skittish that they fly away before you get anyway near them - often before I have even spotted them.

In the afternoon we drove to pick something up from Heywards Heath, and on the way back got caught in terrible traffic on the A27 due to a traffic accident on the coastal road at Roedean near Brighton; the coastal road was closed, and as a consequence all other roads in the area were packed! It took us 1.5 hours to get to Kingston (would normally have been about 20 mins) and when we were there I saw a sign for a 16th century church so we went to have a look. (just to get a break from sitting in traffic!)

A lady just happened to be stepping into the church so I asked if I could come in, too. She said that yes, a few of them are going to have an evening pray and that I would be welcome to join them. I quickly exited the church and took some more photos outside. (Not that it was really worth taking any photos inside anyway!)

Zebedee got his pet passport last Friday and there is a place for a photo in it, so I better take his passport photo before we go abroad. Shall I go for a tourist look?

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Geminai said...

Too damned cute, Zeb is! Can he come to the U.S. without having to be quarantined? Because, y'know, I have a pretty good suggestion for a place to visit. ;)