Thursday 16 December 2010

Swinging with Marilyn Monroe

My evening's entertainment today: Swinging with Marilyn at The Latest Music Bar in Brighton. It was a fabulous show, some great singing and lovely performance from a local Marilyn Monroe impersonator Laura Nixon and friends.

I was impressed both by Laura's looks and her singing voice resembling Marilyn's so closely that it was easy to be imagine the real thing being on the stage.

Frank Sinatra performed a few songs, too.

While Jessica Rabbit was performing, Marilyn joined the audience at the bar for a drink and a dance.

Sadly I didn't take photos of this fan dancer's number (on the left, almost out of the frame) but hopefully she will agree to do a photo shoot with me soon! Just loved her moves and poses and want to capture them with my camera.

Elvis finished the evening with a few songs...

...after which an encore number by Marilyn...

...and Frank.

If you fancy a fabulously fun evening out, I do recommend you go and Swing with Marilyn!

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