Tuesday 27 July 2010

Pet portrait shoot with Scrap

Here comes Scrap the Wonderdog!

She also comes in monochrome!

Scrap is a lovely, (almost) four month old puppy, and she is a mixture of a schnauzer and a poodle. Actually, I wonder if she is called a schnoodle - you know, like labradour+poodle=labradoodle, springer+cocker=sprocker, etc? OK, just checked with Google, and yes, she is a schnoodle. :-)

I took some photos of Scrap and Kat while they were enjoying an afternoon at St. Ann's Well Gardens today.

There was some training:

And schmoozing (after Scrap had escaped to play with some dogs and had to be fetched back).

Scrap played with quite a few other dogs, actually, and all that running around can tire a little puppy out pretty quickly.

And so we popped into the studio to have some water and to take a rest. And then onto some studio shots! Scrap was asked to sit nicely....

...and look cute. As if she needs special effort to look cute!

Don't worry, she got very well bribed to pose for the camera.

Yes, yummy indeed!

More, please?!

Here's a pose for that treat.

It was lovely to meet Scrap and Kat, and we all had a great time.

Friday 2 July 2010


Meet Bailey! Bailey is a lovely Irish Setter, a grand old lady of considerable years. I accompanied her on her daily walk today.

Bailey wasn't really co-operating with her photographer at all, to be honest, as walking is quite difficult for her - but I managed to take a few nice little portraits of her.

The problem, though, was that once she got going, she wouldn't stop, so I had to be extra quick to take her picture. I only had a second or two each time.

Also, I soon realised that my squeaky toy was useless at this shoot as Bailey didn't seem to hear it at all. Neither did she take any notice of any other distractions I tried to make in order to coax her into looking into the camera, so I just had to be very vigilant and catch her at the right time.

Once we had walked through the shade of the woods, we crossed a field to get back. Finally Bailey agreed to lie down and stay still for a little while. I'm not into forcing fragile old ladies to do what they don't want to do, so I'm glad she was OK with posing for a bit.

So, that's Bailey. I hope she will have many more years of happy life with her people.