Tuesday 31 March 2009

Forrest and William

We went for a walk a couple of labradors and their people at Friston Forest today.

Meet Forrest and Willie.

Apart from a tiny growl at another springer (one month younger than Z) a couple of weeks ago, Forrest is the first ever dog that Zebedee has shown any obvious dominance behaviour against! It was kind of a shock to see Z really growl at Forrest (nine months old) when they met at Piddinghoe yesterday evening. Luckily Forrest's people are understanding and let the dogs sort out their places themselves. After a little while, Zebedee was playing fine with Forrest. It was never that aggressive behaviour, anyway, but I'm just not used to seeing him growl at all. I guess now that he is at the brink becoming an adult dog, he is trying his luck at being the more dominant one compared to those younger than him.

Well, I guess it's time to do a bit of research into what is the best way to deal with this situation. I'm not going to allow him to become a bully, but I need to know how not to crush his spirit, either. Hm, well, not that there are signs of that. Silly dog.

Saturday 28 March 2009


Just one shot today. Starlings in a tree in Piddinghoe.

I have decided not to pursue this 'a photo a day' project at this stage in my life. Photography is the only source of income for me at the moment, and I really don't want to risk losing passion for photography. I thought that it might happen if I "force" myself to take a photo every single day; it may start feeling like a chore.

Actually, let's make that a little more sinister....

Friday 27 March 2009

Beachy Head

Just a few of photos from our walk at Beachy Head today. We started walking from Birling Gap.

Saw some fabulous clouds on the way.

And ended up in Beachy Head. Zed looking at the lighthouse (I presume... although more likely a bird or a bunny...).

From there my plan was to take the bus back to Birling Gap, but upon checking the time table at the bus stop, I discovered that there is no bus service on the coastal road other than in the summer! I was tired from the walk up and down The Downs and really didn't feel like walking another 45 minutes straight back, so I decided to try and hitch-hike. A few cars went past and judging by the looks on the drivers' faces, I wasn't likely to get a lift with my bouncy dog in tow. One elderly driver almost drove into the gutter while gawking at me with my thumb up looking desperate by the road. As if she'd never heard of hitch-hikers! Or never seen one, anyway. I gave up fairly quickly and decided to go and have lunch at the Beachy Head pub to rest and gather energy for the walk back. Turned out it was a wise choice, as dark clouds were forming and it wasn't long till the heavens opened. It was cold and windy and wet. Yuck.

1.5 hours later, the rain had just stopped and there was clear sky in sight, so we started our hike back to the car.

Went past the lighthouse again.

I think this lighthouse it quite cute with its windows.

...then some fields...

Finally we were back at Birling Gap. Knackered. My nice little walk had turned into 3 hours, including lunch break. Zebedee wasn't complaining.

Thursday 26 March 2009

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Well, not quite. ;-)

Anyway, had a couple of cool girls over for a photo shoot today.

Look at the attitude on this girl!

That was Chloe, and here is her sister Rosie!

For a long time I didn't know how to make the most of Rosie's photos, but I think I got it now. One take on them, anyway!

Wednesday 25 March 2009

Afternoon at the beach

Just got back from a lovely hour and a half on the beach.

As we arrived at Tide Mills, rain clouds were just arriving from inland and heading towards the sea, so we waited in the car for about 15 minutes for them to pass before we walked to the beach.

At the beach we met Max! Zebedee hadn't seen Max for months and months...

...but they picked up right where they left. Best friends. :-)

Remember last time I pictured these two together? Z has grown a bit since then.

A couple more shots of the beach.



Tuesday 24 March 2009

Friston Forest

Came across this cute thing running around enjoying himself in Friston Forest.

Interesting how you look one way and it looks like autumn, turn your head and it looks like spring.

Monday 23 March 2009


I'm practising taking photos with more blur in the frame than I'm used to having. Trying to get it look good, but I don't think I've managed it yet. Here are some attempts, nevertheless.

Couldn't resist a daffodil or two...

One crazy dog...

Two crazy dogs...

Sunday 22 March 2009

Northern Lights

I took some photos of a Scandinavian Pub called Northern Lights today.

Well, OK... I had some Sauteed Raindeer first, before I started taking photos. So shoot me.

This pair of skis is on the wall of the pub, and apparently they are the real thing from around 1930's!

Selection of Scandinavian drinks and sweets... They do both Salmiakkikossu and Fisherman's Friend vodka, BTW - not for the faint of heart!

Some of the less usual drinks on offer in Brighton.

The beautiful bar.

Sooo Scandinavian. :-)

Mid-renovation upstairs. I took some photos there at night a couple of weeks back.

Some of the upcoming entertainment - Finnish legends Kari Peitsamo and Pelle Miljoona.

The owners and staff and very friendly - and a little bonkers, as is expected.