Wednesday 15 December 2010

Boudoir Deb

I had a second shoot with the gorgeous Deb today. Was so much more relaxed this time as we knew each other already. As I was warming up I took some similar shots as last time first, but the moment we really started working well together was when I asked Deb to work with some props.

First some variations of a shot without props...

...and then with props.

Different types of post processing can give such different feel to the images, but sometimes the straight-out-of-the-camera image is just as good.

It was interesting to find how much more relaxed we both felt about the shoot, compared to the last time. I knew that Deb was very happy with the photos that I took last time so I was very relaxed and confident about us working together again, and I'm guessing the same goes for Deb, too. I'm thinking, in future, I should meet up with any boudoir shoot clients well before and get to know them just a little in order to have a nice, easy-going, fun and productive shoot with them.


Anon said...

Wow, she look amazing! Such beautiful photos

Katariina Jarvinen said...

Yeah, she sure does look amazing... especially for a mum of two!

Here is our first shoot: