Wednesday 31 October 2012

Autumn colours in Sheffield Park

Last Friday I went to Sheffield Park for the first time in my life. I'd heard many times how beautiful it is, and finally I got to see it for myself - and the best time of the year for it, too! It was a little drizzly but very very pretty indeed. Here are some of the photos I took.

Thursday 25 October 2012

Autumn colours at Cissbury Ring

My niece visited me today in Worthing and she joined me and Zebedee for a walk to Cissbury Ring. It was a very foggy day to start with, but towards the end of the walk it started getting sunny. We also met a lovely couple with a couple of lovely Ridgebacks during our walk.

Monday 2 January 2012

New Year's Eve at Komedia Brighton

A year ago on new year's eve I happened to hear from a friend that Brighton Ballroom are looking for a photographer to shoot their NYE event. I sent them an e-mail and they decided to 'hire' me (it was a freebie, no money exchanged hands either way) for the job. I had a great time photographing the event - it was something I'd never seen or photograph before, which I love.

Little did I know what this event in my life would lead to. I have photographed numerous burlesque and cabaret shows since and made friends with some of the best performers. It's been marvellous!

Exactly one year later, another event organiser was looking for a photographer to shoot their new year's eve event later that day (for some reason, the photographer they had hired couldn't do it any longer). I hadn't planned anything for the evening as I was going to have a quiet night, but after having had a look on-line to see exactly what kind of event it was going to be, I decided to do it, especially after having talked to the lovely Kitty Peels on the phone and agreeing on the deal, including the fact that it wasn't just me, but Miles as my second shooter so that we could spend the evening together like we had planned.

And I'm lucky I did, as it was a great, fun event! It was called Trailer Trash presents...NYE Trash Vegas!! - you can see from that page all that was going on. And here are some of the photos I took....

What a great way to spend new year's eve.... working, yes, but also having a good time with some fun, lovely people. Kitty sure is a fantastic performer and event organiser (with Rosy Carrick) and I wouldn't mind working with her again!

If you fancy going to the next Trailer Trash event yourself, go and join their Facebook Group here: Trailer Trash!

I hadn't thought about it before seriously, but when I started writing this blog post I realised that I have to put together a website for my burlesque/cabaret photography. I shall be looking into that today. I have also been wondering what I should do with my various blogs now... whether to continue this blog on Blogger or move it to Wordpress, whether to combine all my blogs to the same place... Does anyone have any recommendations, tips from experience? Anyone running a Worpress Multisite, for example?

Answers on a postcard. I mean, in the comments section below!