Tuesday 12 October 2010

Fiji Day 5

This morning I found out what creature makes the curious little tracks on the sand during the night. I found out by quietly following this little thing leave our patio when I moved from the bed to the hammock.

Meet Mr. Hermit Crab!

...and these are the tracks that hermit crabs make in the sand! When I saw those tracks all over the beach for the first time a few days ago, I had no idea what had made them.

There were a couple of Fiji Parrotfinch chirping and eating seeds from the ground nearby.

Close-up of the hermit crab...

A Common Mynah! I'd seen a load of these in Bhutan earlier this year and had learned that they are a native species of Asia, so I was surprised to see them here on Fiji, too.

Today's a little cloudy, but the palms still look gorgeous.

Couldn't resist trying a few different edits on this photo.

We had lunch at our favourite table next to our favourite view.

Another obligatory cocktail for desert.... ;-)

In the afternoon it got more and more cloudy...

...but this place is still the perfect paradise.

Monday 11 October 2010

Fiji Day 4

After the big wedding day yesterday (I will post yesterday's blog soon...), today was mainly for resting. I only took a few photos at sunset - couldn't resist as I saw this wonderful pink-yellow cloud in the middle of the sky.

...and the lovely palm trees in the other direction.

Saturday 9 October 2010

Fiji Day 2

What a way to start a day! I woke up a couple of times during the time due to the time difference, but managed to sleep quite well nevertheless. When it finally was morning, I opened the patio doors and was blessed with warmth and this tranquil view again:

There were quite a few of these birds about. Will try and find out what they are called.

Looking back at the beach front bures.

Can't get enough of the colours of the sea.

Looking back from the beach.

I know... lots of photos of palm trees.... but they are just so beautiful. And this place is a paradise. :)

The communal pool.

Path to the spa area...

...where Tara took me to see where she is going to get pampered before their wedding tomorrow.

Very impressed with this spa!

...comes with a fabulous view, and a calming sounds of the waves caressing the beach.

View from our table at lunch.

The communal pool from another angle.

Our palms in early evening light. I just can't get enough of this view from our bure.

These two are getting married tomorrow.

(Photo by Miles)

Yeah, should be a fun wedding, given who is getting married! :D

(Photo by Miles)

Last photo of our palm trees for today... taken at 7 PM.

Friday 8 October 2010

Fiji Day 1

Our arrival in Fiji... after Nadi airport we were taken into the marina area for our boat transfer to our destination island.

One of the islands we saw on the way.

We made about four or five stops along the way and dropped off people at every one of them.

At every stop, they brought their towels/linen from the resorts to be loaded onto the boat before the new guests stepped on-board.

A bird...

...will have to check in my bird book what it is!

Then, finally, we approached our destination island.

The beautiful island of Matamanoa!

The welcoming party was waiting for us on the beach, and sang us a song when we arrived.

Welcome drinks.

Followed by a proper drink!

We were shown into our beach front bure.

And this is what waited us at the end of the bure.

A paradise.

There were hibiscus flower arrangements here are there in the bure.

But mainly, we were overwhelmed with the view from our hammocked patio.

The communal pool area.

What a place. I can see myself relaxing here! :)