Monday 13 December 2010

Photo shoot with Charlotte

Charlotte needed some new photos for her model portfolio so we had a photo shoot today. It is always such a pleasure to have Charlotte in my studio! It's always fun, and we both thought that out of all our shoots together, we got the best shots today. What do you think?

I haven't had time to go through all the photos from this shoot yet, so I will probably add a few shots later.


wayne said...

I am most impressed by the fourth(bottom)one in this blog post, though -again- I am not sure why. That mystery suggests to me that there is something authentic there, since maybe the image doesn't conform to some standard way of appreciating/judging an image. The elements I notice most in this one revolve around the leaning to viewer-right, the open cleavage (of course), that nice curve made by the snaps/buttons.. all that, but somehow the way all that mates up with her expression -simultaneously forthright And detached, confident And vulnerable, beautiful And accessibly human. Hard to say, sometimes, whether all that is present in the photo, or mostly present in the veiwer, I know, but those are my impressions, in any case.
I don't miss anything about her, in this image, until I come back for a second look; then I miss her hands, or some suggestion of them.. then I miss similar suggestion of other details of her form/hair... all those are lost in complete darkness, and I just miss them. Missing them, I am finding I want to crop to the bottom of the buttons, and maybe some of the sides, to give what I see more impact... filling the frame with the character she's being, here.
I am also noticing a kind of plasticity to her skin..maybe appropriate for the detached perfection, though at odds with the character and vulnerability which is also here.
Again, hard to say what's working/not working to make that image so potent; finally I'm left to think that it's who she's being, here, that comes through, regardless of those details.
Overall,I say you each and both have every reason to be pleased/proud of the shoot. My second fave in this selection is the "cinematic moment" of the third one, with the light shirt.

Katariina Jarvinen said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Wayne!

You are right - there should be a hint of the hands, at least, in that image. I think I tried cropping it tighter but couldn't find a crop that had the same - or even similar - feel as this. I will have to try again.

I shall also look more carefully into the plasticity you mentioned... it is probably due to the post processing. I'm really into using Lightroom Presets at the moment - was going to do a blog entry about it, actually. ;-)