Tuesday 14 June 2011

Wedding photo edit

I have been too busy to do blog posts about weddings recently! One reason is that I'm planning on creating a new blog for weddings and portraits... so I'm kind of holding back on them until I have the new blog up and running.

In the meantime, I just edited one photo from my cousin's recent wedding and thought I'd post here what I did. See, sometimes, to get natural shots (especially of people who don't like their photo taken!), you have to grab one when it happens, even if you don't have time to frame the shot well. This is one of those times... The groom kissed his bride and I had to shoot even though I knew the shot wouldn't be well framed. One of those 'blink and you miss it' moments.

This is how I would have wanted the shot to be framed:

I had already edited the above photo to take off the distracting blue sign on the wall, so I took the kiss shot and placed it on this edited photo.

But then, of course, I realised that I need to edit out the groom from the background! I hoped that I had a shot without anything obstucting the doorway on the left... and I did!

So, using the area on the left from the above shot, I placed it on top of the groom...

A few tweaks of levels and tidy-up of lines, and here is the final image:

So there you go - bit of trickery pokery to get the shot I wanted, but I really wanted to capture the spontaneous, natural kiss as it happened rather than pose one, so I was happy to do the editing afterwards. If you have read my previous blogs about my camera shy cousins, you will know why I was so keen on grabbing any spontaneous, natural shots. ;-)

Thursday 9 June 2011

Another flowery field to run in...

I've taken quite a few photos of our dogs running in fields of flowers this year. And I'm not going to stop just yet! I went to find another poppy field near Devil's Dyke today. Yes, I did.

Let's do a fine, romantic edit for that one... Awww...

Oh, yeah, Tigger was there, too!

Have a look at Tigger's sideways leap on this one:

Zebedee tasting some of the grass...

I think it wasn't that good...

I was getting a little nervous in this field as it was right next to the road and there were sheep on the other side of the road, so I wanted to go somewhere else for a little walk where I didn't have to worry about the doggies being run over or mauling the sheep, so I drove to Devil's Dyke. And there was a cute little 11 month old Field Spaniel to play with there.

Close-up of the above. The Field Spaniel's face cracks me up.

As usual, Tigger was just watching from a distance...

...and doing his own thing.