Wednesday 8 December 2010

Mythmas shoot

We took the doggies to the studio today for a Mythmas card shoot. First, I tested the lighting with a few soft toys... (The moose was already on the eggnog, obviously)

...after which, enter the dogs!

Yeah, I did get that photo only after a couple of tries, with Miles's help. But after this shot it all got a bit pear shaped. Tigger wouldn't have it - he kept running away as soon as I had placed all hats and props where they should be and was ready to take the shot.

I asked Miles to try to pose them again...

Yes, the antlers back on Tigger...

...but it didn't work - it was all too much for the puppy to put up with. He ran away again, and obviously Zebedee thought that "What the heck, if Tigger's not playing, I might as well grab one of those irresistible soft toys... honestly, you can't blame me for grabbing one, Miles, can you?"

Haha, fantastic fun, but sadly we didn't have much time to do the shoot so we had to leave it at that. Still, I quite like the shot I got, so that'll do for our Mythmas card. Here it is again. :-)

Zebedee is such a good sport in the studio. He would have been up to posing a lot more, but Tigger couldn't handle the pressure of being a studio model. Oh well, Zebedee did grow up with a pretty much permanent studio in our living room when we lived in Newhaven, but Tigger has never seen one before and has never been asked to stay still in front of strobes before. I guess he didn't do badly for a first-timer. ;-)

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Hesta Nesta said...

What a gorgeous picture. Our Pugs would have caused absolute mayhem and would definitely not been so well behaved!!
Jo xx