Thursday 2 December 2010

Snowy Hanover

What a fantastic snow day! Let's go to the park to enjoy it!


Have a look at this... the whole road full of cars that haven't moved since yesterday. I wonder if no one has gone to work today?

Looks like pedestrians have re-claimed the streets of Hanover!

Pedestrians.... and two happy dogs. :)

Queen's Park has once again turned into a play ground.

No one has proper toboggans here in the south east of England, so people use pieces of cardboard, bin lids, body boards, recycling boxes, whatever they can find.... These girls here have a ski board.

See that little figure at the bottom right corner?

See him again? ;-)

This scene reminds me of The Simpsons - you know one of those days when it snows and school is out and all the kids are out having fun in the snow.

Couldn't imagine this in Finland... "hey, it snowed, so school is out"! (which would be five months of the year...)

One of the kids couldn't resist playing with Zed. Love the look on her face.

Little walk around the pond area...

...and back to our street.

To tell you the truth, Zebedee jumped into the pond in Queen's Park, straight through the ice, trying to catch some swans that were sitting on the ice... He got soaking wet, obviously, and that was the reason we had to leave swiftly and get back home to keep him warm. See the soaked doggie below...

The silly doggies waiting to get in.

It's a shame I didn't get a photo of Zebedee jumping into the pond, but when it comes to my dogs, if I see that there is a chance of some danger, I can't help but run to see that they are OK without thinking of taking photos. It's probably the only example of me not thinking of taking a photo first!

PS. See what Tigger thinks of the snow:

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