Sunday 22 March 2009

Northern Lights

I took some photos of a Scandinavian Pub called Northern Lights today.

Well, OK... I had some Sauteed Raindeer first, before I started taking photos. So shoot me.

This pair of skis is on the wall of the pub, and apparently they are the real thing from around 1930's!

Selection of Scandinavian drinks and sweets... They do both Salmiakkikossu and Fisherman's Friend vodka, BTW - not for the faint of heart!

Some of the less usual drinks on offer in Brighton.

The beautiful bar.

Sooo Scandinavian. :-)

Mid-renovation upstairs. I took some photos there at night a couple of weeks back.

Some of the upcoming entertainment - Finnish legends Kari Peitsamo and Pelle Miljoona.

The owners and staff and very friendly - and a little bonkers, as is expected.

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