Wednesday 4 March 2009

Signs before "first" signs of spring

Yesterday I said crocuses and daffodils are the first signs of spring, but I lied. I've forgotten to mention and photograph even earlier spring flowers: Snowdrops!

I've seen snowdrops here are there for the past week or two, but by now most of them have... errr - dropped. I only found a few that were still intact.

As I said yesterday, won't be long till daffodils and crocuses are in bloom everywhere.

Don't know what these buds are, but I thought they looked great.

Back on the river bank, Zebedee caught another bunny. This one didn't try to run away, though.

In the evening I went to London to see Aya and her friend. After a very nice dinner on Brick Lane, I couldn't walk past Spitalfields Market without stopping to take some photos.

Must go and shoot in London some time soon again!

1 comment:

Geminai said...

Great to see the flowers indigenous to your area, Kati. And the description of Zeb's "catch" had me wincing, but the photo made me laugh! haha.