Monday 21 September 2009

Wedding shoot

My second wedding as a second photographer... here are some of the shots I came back with.


Geminai said...

Absolutely fantastic, Kati .. there is too much here to compliment! Why you're not filthy rich doing this on your own is beyond me.

Have to tell you, though .. I laughed out loud at the wedding kiss because of the woman at the left who looks like she's turned into some kind of alien creature and is giving you the evil eye to tell you NO! Do not take a picture of my antennae!! hahaha. I love it when shots like that happen. I do it so often myself, because we, as the photographers, are so focused on the subject .. but that was just darned funny! ;)

Again, just BEAUTIFUL work! They are going to be thrilled.

Katariina Jarvinen said...

Haha, would you believe I didn't see it when I was editing the photo? I was soon informed by people who saw it, though. Now I can't look at the photo without laughing. Wonder if the couple will find it funny?

Thanks for the compliments, Kippy. :) I remember when I saw your wedding photos long time ago and I don't think I've taken anything as nice myself yet.

Geminai said...

Ha! Your eyes are messed up then, Kati, because your work is stunning! I wish you could see it through other peoples' eyes.

*still chuckling at the antennae* ;)