Monday, 26 May 2008

Trip to Gloucestershire to collect Zebedee

The weather wasn't great. I had hoped to get a full day in the beautiful scenery and lovely Cotswolds villages, but alas, it rained most of the way to Winchcombe, and didn't really stop for long the rest of the day. Still, the scenery WAS beautiful.

The village of Winchcombe (where Zebedee comes from) is a very pretty, picturesque Cotswolds town.

Then we went to see the puppies.

They had grown a lot since the last time we saw them, but are still very small.

Apparently these photos reminded Miles of some Amnesty International photos. The puppies do make a good impression of the wrongly accused in a doggie prison. (They were rough-and-tumbling all the time when we were there, and only stopped for a few seconds when I took these photos!)

But I had to wait until the next day before I could take Zebedee home with me...

We were a little early the next morning, so we killed time by taking a few more photos of Winchcombe.

Came across these Morris dancers in the middle of a dance just off the main street. And not much audience.

Morris dancing, you ask? Obviously it's some kind of a competition on who looks the silliest!

I think this guy wins.

Then it was time to collect Zebedee!

Poor thing, he got car sick and puked quite a few times during the long journey. We always stopped to have a break after he had been sick, just so that he could relax a bit. It took almost six hours to get home at the end. Here he is in the car, sleeping in my lap in a doggie bed.

I got very worried because he was so sick during the journey and right at the end he was so exhausted that he was completely unresponsive, apart from breathing, of course (talking of which: his breathing was very fast all the time and I feared that we had given him a heart condition...) I guess he was just extremely tired from the journey. To my great relief, once we got home and out of the moving car, he quickly regained his wits and looked a lot happier, and very soon completely fine. He even greeted Miles with a big waggy tail when he came back from the car with all our stuff.

Here he is looking fairly relaxed in his new home.

Later, when we had dinner with Miles, Zebedee settled down to sleep at my feet. I was surprised to find that all these doggie traits that I know from owning previous dogs develop so young! I can't remember what Seri, our German shepherd, was like when he was a puppy (I was four years old when we got him), and Yume was about 18 months old when I got her, so I have no previous experience of having a 7 week old puppy. It is so interesting and entertaining to see that they have so many typical, grown up - I thought - dog habits even when they are just barely more than babies.

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Geminai said...

So SO cute!! And the pictures of the village? You have some postcards pictures there, Kati ... beautiful and soft and romantic. Love them. Can't wait to watch Zebedee grow up. :) Poor little guy .. just lots of anxiety to start. Hopefully he'll get more used to the car. :)