Tuesday, 27 May 2008

First day with Zebedee

...was a long one! I learned that playing and training a puppy all day is fairly tiring. But so much fun, for the both of us.

It's a short cycle of sleep, toilet, eat, play, sleep, toilet, play, sleep, play, toilet, play, eat, sleep...

(Not easy to take photos of a model that tries to eat the camera every time you take it out.)

By the afternoon Zebedee learned to sit on command -

...and by the last meal of the day, he learned to use the Kong! At first he was too intimidated by it to touch it and just waited for the kibble to come out on its own (which it didn't of course, so I had to roll the Kong on the floor for him) but the second time we used it, Zebedee pushed it with his nose to roll it, and by the third time he was confident enough to poke it with his paws to get the last of the kibble out.

Clever dog. :-)

And extremely cute.


Geminai said...

OMG .. that FACE! Ohhh .. I just want to give him all kinds of kisses and smell that awesome puppy breath.

Fantastic, Kati ... congrats!

Chiko said...

Looking forward to seeing him!!