Sunday, 4 May 2008


Today we went to Glyndebourne to see and hear Tokyo String Quartet. The music was beautiful, as was the venue - both inside and out. I never knew about Glyndebourne before, but this is one of those peculiar places in England: it's an opera house, and when you go there to see an opera, you bring a picnic with you so that you can enjoy the surrounding gardens with your friends while getting tipsy on Champagne, dressed in evening dress/dinner jacket. Membership costs more than a year's rent of a smallish flat. It's all very nice, of course. But with my non-millionaire financial status, I think I prefer to listen to operas on the hi-fi at home, and spend my "spare" money on more photography gear.

Anyhow, here is the auditorium (at interval). The acoustics were very good.

One of the older buildings.

Lots of weird and wonderful flowers in the gardens.

And of course I found some blossoms again... Hey, it's spring!

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