Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Doggy food bowls have arrived

I know this is a bit OTT, but can't help it - I'm excited! I just got a couple of food bowls delivered. They are the bowls that will be attached to the puppy training crate that should arrive later today or tomorrow. I also bought a whole lot of puppy treats, toys, collar and lead, claw clippers, puppy shampoo, a comfy bed etc. on-line yesterday, so should be getting them soon, too. (In the photo also a toy that I bought in Halfords yesterday... I was only going to buy a windscreen reflector to shield out sun while my car is parked, but happened to walk down the isle of dog related items and came back with a few of them.)

To be honest, I don't expect to use the food bowl much for some time. Ian Dunbar recommends not to use a bowl, but rather give the puppy all his food either in a Kong so that he gets to "search" for his food while playing and chewing, or as treats when puppy training. To me it sounds like a good idea. I used to play with my cocker spaniel by sliding her kibble pieces on the floor one by one, and her catching them with her paws. She used to love that game. Or searching for pieces of kibble that I had hidden in the room and getting all excited every time she found one. Must have been more fun than wolfing down her food from a bowl at once, and then having nothing to do all that time that she would otherwise have spent finding her food and having a good time.

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