Saturday, 3 May 2008

Cheltenham Jazz Festival

Some photos from this year's Cheltenham Jazz Festival. First, went for a little drive after seeing the puppies and before our first booked gig.

Avant garde, free improviser, drummer Han Bennink at Xposed Club at the University of Gloucestershire.

A complete nutter, of course, and a great drummer.

A statue near the Town Hall... A play with flash and long exposure to give the impression that the conductor is moving his hands.

Pianist Stefano Bollani and trumpetist Enrico Rava at The Town Hall.

The next day both our gigs were in The Everyman Theatre where photography was not allowed... so here are a couple of photos I took in between the gigs, at Crickley Hill Country Park.

Minotaur and Hare, a statue near The Everyman Theatre.

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