Monday 17 January 2011

Skiing trip Day 3

After carrying my fully loaded camera bag with me on the mountain on the first day, I decided not to do such a silly thing again. After all, I took three photos with my SLR that day. For those three crappy photos I carried a 6 kg camera bag on my back while skiing, slinging it out in front of me for the ski lift journey, strapping it back at the top of the lift, skiing down with the heavy bag weighing on me, un-strapping it and moving it to the front for the ski lift, repeat until dead... So yesterday I left the camera back at the hotel and used my mobile phone only. Today I didn't take even mobile phone photos... I only took a couple of shots of the nearby mountain in morning sun, having stepped out on our balcony and seen how beautiful they are:


I managed to get some proper skiing done today, which was a relief! Not only pain anymore, but pleasure, too. Hope tomorrow will be better again. One last shot from our room after sunset, snow-capped mountains shining in the moonlight.

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