Saturday 1 January 2011

New Year's Eve at the Brighton Ballroom

A friend sent a message on Facebook yesterday saying that Brighton Ballroom are offering free entry and drinks for professional photographers for their sold-out new year's eve show. I jumped, as I wanted to go to the event anyway, but sadly had heard about it only after it had been already sold out. Long story short, I contacted them and they arranged a press pass for me, and in I went.

I got there at 8 PM as agreed, and the first act was on: Christopher James.

The place was full of dining people - some in themed (Top Hats And Tassles) costume, some in ordinary dinnerwear. I didn't have a seat, so just hung around and took photos.

Before I knew it, the second show was on: Coco Deville.

Rather fabulous-looking act!

It was a burlesque act and she kept taking more and more clothes off, but I won't show further than this here. ;-)

Next act was a singer, Veronica Blacklace.

I was asked to take some photos of the venue and the crowd...

After a break, back to Christopher James.

...after which another fabulous act by Billie Rae.

She didn't only perform a luscious fan dance, but she also fire-ate!

Pretty amazing, huh?

Next, back to Veronica's act.

And then, a great band!

I don't think this band's name is mentioned on the Brighton Ballroom web site... they were good, though, so I hope I can find out who they are.

Enter Boogaloo Stu, the DJ.

...who was a lot of fun. :)

A bit of a show-off, really - which was a complete shock... I never would have guessed from his looks that he'd be such a show-off! ;-)

The place was so full by this time that I had no chance of moving anywhere from where I was, and it was getting near to 12 midnight.... all I could do, really, was to get on the stage and get a shot of New Year celebration from there.

...after which the band came back on, and I took my last shots before going home to celebrate the new year with Miles.

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