Sunday 16 January 2011

Skiing trip Day 2

Now, I have never been to Brand before so I have nothing to compare to, but all the others here have, and they are terribly terribly disappointed by how little snow there is this year! There's no snow what-so-ever in the village, whereas usually there's lots, and everything is covered in that wonderful white stuff, apparently.

Well, to me, it sure looks pretty nevertheless.

...although I have to admit the cable car ride to the first chair lift doesn't look promising.

There's mostly grass even when you get close to the top of the condola... and you can't help but wonder whether there will be enough snow to ski on!

...but if course - as you saw from my last photo yesterday, the higher slopes are nicely covered with snow. Beautiful.

My skiing companions - waiting for me to catch up with them. Usually I'm quite a fast skier, but I am so dreadfully unfit at the moment that my legs were just killing me, and I had to ski very very slowly today, and take a lot of breaks in between short stints of skiing.

I did a very short day of skiing today as I had to go back to bed in the morning and catch a few hours' sleep after a badly slept night. This is the view from our hotel room right after we got back from the slopes in the afternoon. I have a blister and my thighs hurt.

All of today's photos were taken with my mobile phone, the marvellous Nokia N8. Well, it's not that marvellous as a smart phone, but it's not bad as a handy little camera that also makes calls.

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