Friday 9 April 2010

Spring in Stanmer Park

Glorious weather today! I had a very enjoyable photo shoot in Shoreham at lunch time with the lovely, fascinating Ann O'Keife. In the evening I headed to Stanmer Park for a walk, just when the sun was low in the sky and cast a lovely light into the new budding leaves in the trees and shrubs.

Zebedee had the UNfortune of meeting a real bitch today... look at her: first she approached the jovial Mr. Zebedee looking perfectly friendly and normal. See? Zebedee glanced back at me as if to say "Hey, look: canines! Cool! Let's play!"

"Hi, Ms Pointer! How's it going?"

But suddenly this bitch starts to growl....

...and she lunges at Zed!

Bastard! Anyway, we left the stroppy bitches and continued our merry way exploring the woods in the springtime.

There is a certain type of tree that still has its dead leaves; there are a few of these trees here and there in the park. (Hopefully I will find out one day what type of tree this is.) This following photo looks like it could have been taken in the autumn rather than spring.

Back to buds.

When we drove back to town I noticed that the sun was just setting, so I drove to the seafront and took a few photos.

What a lovely day....! :-)


Saana said...

Onpa siellä ihanan vihreää ja keväistä jo!

Katariina Jarvinen said...

Kuukausi edellä Suomea. Ja syksy kuukautta myöhemmin. Suunnilleen. :)

Saana said...

lucky you