Friday 16 April 2010

Evasive birds

Right! I've had enough of lugging my long lense with me in hope of getting some photos of birds while walking the dog. They always fly away and they are never near enough to get a nice close-up. Hmph! I'm going to find a specialist place for photographing birds. There.

This is the nearest I got to a blue tit today.

That above is a very small crop from a frame taken with 400mm lense, hence it doesn't have great detail in it.

Anyway, I always find something else to take photos of even if the birds piss me off with their disappearing act. Like some cool shadows.

...across the paths in the woods.

And a dog full of life running around and wagging his tail with a huge grin on his face.

I took some shots of bluebells, too, but I'm not going to post any. I took so many photos of bluebells last year that unless I come up with something completely different, I won't upload any this year.

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