Wednesday 13 January 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Even more snow!

You may be wondering why I post something every time it snows. Well, I do it because it is SO rare for it to snow so much in England! And I'm loving it. Especially now that Brighton and Hove City Council have upped their act a little and we can actually drive our cars on the streets fairly safely.

All three of us went to Stanmer Park today. It was soooo pretty.

There was a little sadness, though... my favourite trees have been suffering from the snow: quite a few huge branches have broken off because of the weight of the snow on them. I felt so sorry for them; such magnificent trees.

Here's one who didn't let such things curb his enthusiasm and excitement. Although, first he was quite surprised at just HOW much snow there was, and how it made scampering a bit more hard work. See the concentration on his face?

But soon he took it in his stride.

And was crazy happy...

What a joy to watch him run around in the snow, happy as a loonie.

Some snaps I took during our walk:

Remember I mentioned that I saw a wren in Stanmer Park the other day? And that wren is the second smallest bird in Britain? Well, today I saw the smallest! A goldcrest!

Isn't it pretty? A took another shot of another bird a few minutes later, and it turned out to be a fairly rare firecrest! Same size as the goldcrest. (Sadly I didn't get a good photo of it)

I wish all birds were like robins, though. Robins quite often seem to follow people around in the woods; they get close and almost seem to want to talk to you, pass on some forest secret about elves and sprites and such. This one was one of those - at times he got too close to take a photo of him.

British birds are really not used to this kind of weather and have a hard time finding food during these cold days. Especially these tiny ones. I felt sorry for them that their food was hidden under ice and snow... I think this last photo sums it up for these little birds in this unusually cold and snowy weather: BRRRRRR!

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Geminai said...

I loooove your little birds! Awesome! And Zeb looks crazy happy in the snow. *laughing* this one definitely made me smile. :)