Monday 18 April 2011

Bluebell pooch shoot

I tested my Canon 7D's autofocus today on our two crazy springers in the spring bluebell woods.

I have to say I was happier with the results of the 7D compared to my Canon 5D Mk II, but I'm not sure whether that is due to the fact that I got better at taking these action shots, or that I wasn't taking as challenging shots as last time (with the 5D Mk II).

I tried the 'leap shot' only a couple of times today as it was quite hot and Tigger was panting and looking not so enthusiastic about the idea of running back and forth jumping over a tree trunk.

The shot above is not tack sharp on the eyes and Tigger is in the shade and everything... but I think it's a fun shot, anyway.

As you can see, Tigger is constantly on the move.

Sometimes the sun is so bright you have to run with your eyes closed.

Zebedee used to be running around like a crazy thing two years ago just like Tigger now, but he is an adult now and much more sensible... after an hour walking in the sun, he started looking for a shade for a rest every now and then.

I felt a little sorry for Zebedee as I was mainly taking photos of the headless chicken (Tigger), so I thought I'd take a few more shots of Zebedee. He seemed to enjoy the attention!

Isn't he handsome? Sweet little thing. (when he's not being naughty!)

I will keep taking more action shots with both cameras to test which one's auto focus is better. Hopefully at some point I will have an opinion.

So, that's it for today... it's bye from me, and bye from Tigger's rear paws!


Kippy said...

I just love this whole post, Kati. Your photography is stellar, but your models are even better. ;)

Katariina Jarvinen said...

Thanks, Kippy! I'm rather fond of them, too.

I mean, Zebedee rolled in, and Tigger ate, dried up fox poo... but still. ;-)

Anon said...

They look so enthusiastic - it must be brilliant being a dog!

Katariina Jarvinen said...

It must be! I mean, how terrible can a life of eat, sleep, play and the occasional roll in fox poo be? I envy their life and try to lead mine the same. Perhaps without the fox poo bit.