Thursday 7 April 2011


I just realised the other day in Stanmer Park that I hadn't taken any cherry blossom photos this year. In fact, I've hardly noticed the blossoms anywhere, and certainly hadn't noticed that the lovely blossoming trees of Stanmer Park have already bloomed and withered! There was only one tree left that was still in full blossom, and I couldn't resist taking photos of it today.

A couple more that I applied some Lightroom presets on.

There you go. All blossomed out in one go. Phew! I'm kind of glad in don't feel so compelled to take photos of flowers anymore. It means (to me) that I have got so many other things that I want to photograph nowadays, which is great.


Anon said...

Beautiful! I do love a bit of blossom - I hate daffodils but that's another story!

Katariina Jarvinen said...

Thanks for commenting, Joanne! I never thought much about flowers until I started doing photography! For a while I was quite obsessed with always taking photos when I saw flowers, but not so much anymore, which is a relief! :D