Tuesday 12 October 2010

Fiji Day 5

This morning I found out what creature makes the curious little tracks on the sand during the night. I found out by quietly following this little thing leave our patio when I moved from the bed to the hammock.

Meet Mr. Hermit Crab!

...and these are the tracks that hermit crabs make in the sand! When I saw those tracks all over the beach for the first time a few days ago, I had no idea what had made them.

There were a couple of Fiji Parrotfinch chirping and eating seeds from the ground nearby.

Close-up of the hermit crab...

A Common Mynah! I'd seen a load of these in Bhutan earlier this year and had learned that they are a native species of Asia, so I was surprised to see them here on Fiji, too.

Today's a little cloudy, but the palms still look gorgeous.

Couldn't resist trying a few different edits on this photo.

We had lunch at our favourite table next to our favourite view.

Another obligatory cocktail for desert.... ;-)

In the afternoon it got more and more cloudy...

...but this place is still the perfect paradise.

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