Saturday 14 November 2009


It was so stormy by the sea today that I couldn't help but giggle while watching the waves and trying to walk against the wind. What a shame it was low tide - otherwise I would have been able to capture some seriously high spray against the lighthouse.

I thought I'd try something extra for one of the photos above... this is the second time I've decided to try using a texture! Some people create wonderful imagery with textures, so I'm thinking I should experiment more with overlaying multiple images. Anyway, here's today's little experiment:

Feel free to let me know what you think. Both negative and positive impressions equally welcome!

1 comment:

Wayne Upchurch said...

All are so very nice.. the one that captivates me is that long low horizontal, though.. #3. The particular color and tonalities, plus the almost subtle ability this tight framing has of suggesting depth by the way the light plays. Constricting it has set it free, paradoxically.
I could so easily live with that image stretched across my two monitors for a loooooong time.