Monday 2 November 2009

Autumn impressions Part 2

It all started with this:

Oooh, I love autumn colours... want to see a detail from above photo?

Almost like an abstract.... hmmm...

See where I'm going with this....? Ha! Let's go crazy.

OK, this is a normal version for a change:

Don't you just love the colours? I do, anyway.

...and normal again...

All these "abnormal" photos have been taken either with zooming or otherwise moving the camera during exposure. No software gimmicks used... just good old-fashioned silly camera use.

Let's see what we can do with this tree:

Hold on... there's plenty more... hang on...


wayne said...

My faves are #2 and #5 .. really cool stuff, Katariina. No one seems to do blurs like anyone else, no matter how hard we try, which I think is AmAzing.

wayne said...

sorry.. that'd be #2 and #6.. top down. ;-)

Katariina Jarvinen said...

Oh, I just realised that I haven't finished this post... more photos to upload. Gotta do some work first.

Thanks for your comments, Wayne. I had such fun taking these. I haven't seen many people's blurs, to be honest. I must watch more blur! :-)