Friday 5 December 2008

New York Day 3

On Friday, after a very nice brunch, of course, we headed to the financial district.

On Wall Street, to be successful, you have to harden your soul. This one must be top notch man - he is more or less petrified all over.

Even the squirrels are tough there. This one was just about to deliver a Kung Fu manoeuvre on me, but I managed to get out of its way before it killed me.

Bloomberg building. Only slightly more surreal through the fisheye lens.

Skating in Central Park.

Naturally, I fell in love with the trees in Central Park.

I didn't make the effort to take a proper photo of the steaming New York streets... this is the only shot I've got.

For our evening entertainment we went to Greenwich Village and stumbled upon Terra Blues where I have been before a few years ago. Was a terrific gig.

I don't usually like guitarists, but this guy was fantastic. I wish I could remember his name. I'll update if I manage to find out who he is. UPDATE: Michael Powers!

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Scott said...

Very interesting photos, Kati! I love the fisheye lens - you really know how to use it to get that dramatic perspective. Also, kung-fu squirrel made me laugh out loud! Looks like a great trip to the big apple.