Thursday 4 December 2008

New York Day 2

This story starts from day 2 because we didn't do much on day 1 apart from queueing to be chit-chatted to and finger printed by incompetent, half-witted officers at the JFK airport. Honestly. It took about two hours to get out of the airport.

Day 2 started on a good note, though. Just a short walk from our hotel on Broome Street near Little Italy, soon after the beautifully graffiti-decorated furniture shop -

...lovely breakfast at Cafe Habana.

BTW, there will be loads of fisheye photos. I chipped my Sigma 10-20mm lens some time ago; sent it to Sigma for them to replace the front element, and it didn't come back in time for our trip, so I used the fisheye a lot instead. (Miles lent his wide angle Sigma every now and then, though.)

After a short subway ride...

...resurfaced at Macy's.

After 10 long minutes of shopping at Macy's, Miles spotted a Wig Salon on the 5th floor. The next 30 minutes flew by!

Back on street level...

...and higher up.

A closer-up.

Towards the other direction.

The Empire State from the bottom up.

Times Square, looking quite surreal through the fisheye lens.

I think we managed to find the most expensive bar in Manhattan (well, not quite - but still).

Subway back to downtown. meet Marc in an Irish Pub.

Had a good time chatting with Marc, after which he escorted us to his recommended pizza restaurant, Lombardi. Miles has some photos from there, but I don't. Pizza was delicious. :-)


Anonymous said...

Good to see your photos again. I bookmarked your website and will read and explore longer.

i LOVE your fish eye images. They are so artistic and do show huge scale and intensity of a city life.

Stan Pustylnik

Anonymous said...

The pizza in question can be seen here.